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Fitted Wardrobe Types

Bespoke fitted wardrobes

We are London-based bespoke fitted furniture company helping our customers to create bespoke storage solution for their home. We specialise in fitted wardrobes for any taste. No homes are the same not only in terms of design, but also in vibe and size, this is why our passion is made-to-measure fitted storage solutions. If you are info modern minimalistic look, our contemporary sliding door or hinged door modern fitted wardrobes could be something you were looking for to complete the look of your home. Victorian and Georgian property owners might prefer traditional and Shaker style fitted closets not only for their grand reception rooms but also for their loft and rooms with slopped ceiling. Customers prefer bespoke built-in wardrobes not only because of the individual design and opportunity to choose colours, mix and match materials, structures and effects, but also because custom-made fitted wardrobes help you to store your clothes, shoes, accessories, bags etc. Why not to spoil yourself with fitted walk-in wardrobe or fitted bedroom and decide yourself how many shoe shelves or shoe drawers, tie racks, accessory drawers, shirt hanging rails you need? Made-to-measure fitted wardrobes are probably the best storage solution for properties of unusual shape, slopped ceilings, uneven floor and walls, high ceilings. No matter what your idea is, fell free to get in touch with our team for a free designer visit and a quick quote.

Fitted Wardrobe Ranges and Ideas

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Our Services


Everything starts with a visit to your home. Our design service is absolutely free of charge. That you can sure meets your aspirations.


Once a quotation has been approved and prices were agreed with a client. Our project managers will produce a final set of drawings together with detailed specification your final approval. Following this your furniture will be created.


Our designers as part of the design process a three D computer. Graphics are produced in line with the customer’s wishes together with a detailed costing of the product chosen.

On-site construction

When the time has come to install your furniture. Our professional fitters will ensure that it is fitted in the way it was originally envisaged.


Our Team are confident that our product is built to last. We therefore offer a 10 years guarantee on all our products.

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What others are saying

Very quick response, no problems with the designer coming out of working hours. Large choose of materials and colours. Great job, nice quality wardrobe. Very professional fitting team.
Working with iwardrobes for couple of years and all the time getting good quality, new ideas and attention to the details. Thanks!