The Patrick Walk-in Closet is true to its name – it looks great, it is modern yet has a very classy look. Here it has four sections but it is up to you to set what would you like to have and how do you want it to look like. It can be made L-shape and put in the corner, we can fit it in the loft with slopped ceiling, reception room or hallway as you choose how many drawers, shelves etc you want to have in your bespoke fitted wardrobe and how you will use it. You can make it as a part of your bespoke fitted bedroom or study.

In many cases customers say, that one of the reason why they started thinking about getting a customised walk-in wardrobe is their need in shoe storage – when you have some 3-4 pairs or you are just not into shoes storing those might not be an issue. But if there are many shoes in your home storing them and keeping them in order very ofter is a problem. Having personalised walk-in wardrobe helps to keep not only shoes, but also clothes and accessories in order. When choosing your bespoke walk-in closet you might also want to consider mixing colours and structures to make it stand-out and unusual.