Modern Sliding Door Wardrobe Ideas

Sliding Door Contemporary Wardrobes

 Contemporary interiors become more and more popular nowadays and of course many customers would like their wardrobes, chest of drawers and other storage features to compliment the home’s style and vibe. Our fitted sliding door wardrobes are always made-to-measure and you are design it yourself – you can mix and match many materials, colours and structures, our team will be there for you to make your ideas into the reality. You can also add as many shoe shelves or accessory drawers as your space allows, or have an integrated desc or book case, or even to have a fold out bed for your study to make it a guest bedroom when needed. Custom-made sliding door wardrobes can be easily convertible into interior partitions and can be an excellent way to zone the space within a room.

Depending on all customer wishes, the wardrobes can be decorated with various decorative elements to visually expand the space of the room. Mirror wardrobes are very popular choice as well as high gloss wardrobes made from materials that reflect the light.

Sliding doors also helps to save space comparing to hinged door closets – there is not much extra space required to open the wardrobe.

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