The Tilt-Hinged wardrobe offers incredible versatility, being available in over twenty five different, vibrant colours, as well as a feature flower patterned finish. There is also the possibility for almost limitless customisation, with buyers able to choose between a variety of different units, including corner, dressing corner and bridge compositions to suit the style, shape and size of the room in question. You can choose between modern matt or a classic lacquered finish, creating a brand new ambience to your room. There’s also no need to worry about the longevity of your wardrobe. All colours and styles come with high quality non toxic paints which contain a “Silver Defence” additive which is both eco friendly and provides antibacterial protection. The Tilt-Hinged Wardrobe offers the perfect combination of style, quality and craftsmanship, and offers the flexibility to suit any room, no matter how big or small.