Bespoke Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobe is one the most intimate places in any home. Creating a unique walk-in closet helps not only to resolve the lack of storage space issue, but also to let you enjoy the process of dressing-up and to store you precious shoes, accessories, clothes and bags in a proper way.  Many customers say, that customised walk-in wardrobes add  home boutique and a relaxing atmosphere and vibe. Have you ever had a situation when while looking for a particular piece of clothes or shoes you manage to find some sweaters, dresses, pair of jeans or sandals you have forgot about? Custom-made walk-in wardrobes help you to keep everything in order making sure nothing in your drawers or wardrobe.

Custom-made Walk-in Wardrobe Ranges

Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe Types

There are two kinds of construction for walk-in wardrobes. One is an “Aluminium Storage System” based around a special lightweight racking system. The shelves, drawers and hanging rails are attached to this system. Such constructions easily embedded in any room configuration, if necessary, they can be easily adjusted, transformed or even moved to a new location. For more information on this system please click here.

The second option is a kind of expansion of the wardrobe with wall panels, shelves, dressers and other necessary features. Standard equipment includes drawers, shelves, hanging rails. Classic design and modern technologies can be combined in one beautiful and functional wardrobe. Items such as pull out brackets for belts and ties, drawers for shoes and pull down hanging rails provide great storage solutions for all accessories.

Walk-in Closet Ideas