Last week’s post was about the materials that we use to make our products exceptional, elegant and to bring luxury into the home of our customers. This week’s posts are related to the most popular types of wardrobes that we provide. Today’s post is about one of the most creative types of wardrobe, sliding door wardrobes. Sliding door wardrobes can be very different as they can be placed into the most appropriate space in a room or they can be fitted to a wall, In addition, our wardrobes are bespoke sizes so it can be floor to ceiling, wall to wall or any unusual size that will meet our customers needs! Our products have no set ranges for sliding door wardrobes. The interior design is also made to-order as there are so many different arrangements possible like shelving, drawers, hanging rails etc. Within the design process of the wardrobe, the room interior will be taken into consideration to ensure the fitted wardrobes organically fit within the room interior. These are the main design ideas that will help our customers choose the correct sliding door wardrobe. However, our designers are always happy to help to choose the wardrobe of our customer dreams and will help to realise that dream!