Made to measure modern hinged door fitted bedroom wardrobe
Modern fitted hinged door wardrobe

Are you planning to move into a new home and wondering if you should go for fitted wardrobes for your rooms? These days more and more interior designers are opting for built in wardrobes rather than going for freestanding ones. Keep reading this article where we are going to tell you why you need to go for bespoke wardrobes in your new home or apartment.

You must already know by now that the freestanding wardrobes don’t come in the exact sizes you need. You can always choose to design a fitted wardrobe, which would be most useful for your room and lifestyle. When you go for a bespoke wardrobe you can always choose the size and number of shelves, drawers, racks, hangs, compartments etc to build a unique and flexible storage space. A stylish made-to-measure wardrobe would occupy just the amount of space which has been dedicated by the homeowner.

One of the biggest advantages of fitted loft wardrobes is that they fit seamlessly into your room with sloping ceilings. They can be created to fit in any given space. Moreover when you go for bespoke or fitted storage solutions you also get to save a lot of space within your home. Fitted furniture would allow the homeowner to explore their creativity and add a personal touch to their home. Bespoke wardrobes would also make the most of houses with high or sloping ceilings. Now you can finally have a proper loft storage space where you can stow away all those suitcases, winter clothes or may be just have fitted shoe storage. When you go for fitted furniture you get to choose top quality materials and go for a unique design. Homeowners can demonstrate their creativity by mixing materials like wood, glass, mirror, stainless steel etc.

Walk-in wardrobes come with plenty of space and can significantly raise the value of your property. All you need is a space enclosed by three walls and you can choose to adjust the dimensions according to your needs. Throw in shelves, racks, drawers and light fixtures and you have a superb storage space. One of the most important benefits of walk-in wardrobes is that they come with lots of space for storing all your items. A spacious walk-in wardrobe would allow you to sort out your stuff in an orderly manner and ensure that you find the exact thing you are looking for.