Built in wardrobe with hinged doors

Made-to-measure fitted wardrobe for reception

Depending on the floorplan and style of your apartment, wardrobes can be a very important accent of the general outlook of your home. The process of designing your new home, or restyling your apartment can be tough, especially when there is such a wide choice of fitted storage solution options.

Here are some amazing benefits of modern fitted wardrobes.

Bespoke wardrobe – smart and efficient use of space.

There is no homeowner who does not need a storage. It can be a walk-in wardrobe, fitted bedroom, built-in wardrobe, custom made home office. Getting a ready-to-buy unit from the shop might be an issue, as it does not use all the space you would like – it often is shorter and narrower than your room allows. Another issue is choosing a storage for a room with slopping ceiling. It is close to impossible to find a wardrobe or book shelf and sometimes even a chest of drawers for attics room. Having a bespoke fitted storage gives you an opportunity to use as much space as possible and to customize it as you wish by adding the hanging space, shelves, drawers etc. This is a major reason why modern fitted wardrobes are trending.

Fitted storage can give a contemporary, up-to-date style.

Generally, a modern fitted wardrobe brings a redefinition of style into your bedroom. It is a major feature that can be a design feature of you room. Fitted sliderobe is not the only option when you are looking for a modern storage. Bespoke hinged door wardrobes can be a stylish contemporary feature of your room. At Iwardrobes we offer a wide choice of materials and structures, that give you an opportunity to create something truly stylish and unique.

High gloss wardrobes are becoming more and more popular as those not only look elegant and sleek, but also visually enlarges the space by reflecting the light. Another option that many clients like is matt door storage unit.

Modern fitted wardrobes bring a redefinition to the whole wardrobe cleaning process. While cleaning old usual wardrobes can come with its own stress, especially as you will have to pull out a stool to be able to reach and clean the top parts of the wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes provide a kind of flexibility, especially during cleaning, making them easier and less stressful to clean.

At I-wardrobes we specialize in custom-made fitted storage and we do not limit our clients with a range of closets for you to choose from. Every our project is a unique piece of furniture designed by our clients with a professional assistance of our team. Feel free to call or use the online form to book your free designer visit for a draft CGI design drawing and a quote.