There are different types of fitted wardrobes that will meet customer needs and provide excellent storage for all different clothes, as well as other household stuff. All of us require different types of fitted wardrobes with different interiors to provide the best storage solution. In addition, everyone wants to create some sort of unique bespoke fitted wardrobe which will suit their house and the interior design of the room. Therefore, at Iwardrobes our aim is to provide fitted wardrobes of different types, styles, sizes, colours and etc. to create an exclusive wardrobe for our customers. We are happy to provide hinged doors fitted wardrobes, sliding doors fitted wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and other types, so we can easily create something especially for our potential clients. Different wardrobes have different advantages. Walk-in wardrobes will perfectly suit someone who have a lot more clothes than usual and at the same time who like to spent time in a quiet, calm place while choosing what to wear. Also, it’s a good choice if you like to runaway from everyday routine and spend some time in a peaceful place organising your own storage to make it perfect!
To book a design visit and change your old wardrobe to a new luxury fitted wardrobe check our website or call us on 020 3561 0820