Elegant fitted wardrobe with spray-painted matt sliding doors

The comfort in our homes often depends on proper management of our clothes, shoes and accessories. This is possible when you have a proper well-designed storage solution in your dressing rooms and bedrooms. Building a new home or just renovating the old one, you should give a proper consideration to made-to-measure wardrobes.

The most impressive thing about the bespoke shaker-style wardrobes is that it can come in traditional look and tens of colours or with a modern twist. We craft each component with full care and attention.

Our bespoke shaker-style wardrobes according to your desired colours and usability preferences. Made-to-measure spray-painted wardrobes bring classic elegance to your room. While someone who are after a modern interior might think that spray-painted means outdated and boring. However spray-pained wardrobe can come with elegant sliding doors and modern features like LED lights, shoe drawers, push-to-open drawers etc. If you are fond of traditional beauty, then you should consider bespoke spray-painted wardrobes.