There are many reasons you may decide to create a bespoke walk-in closet in your house. Whether it is making the most of a large bedroom, turning a small room into a more useful storage space, or due to major building work. Whatever the reason the dream of a walk-in-wardrobe is in nearly every ladies head. We never seem to have enough storage space these days, and the luxurious walk-in wardrobes can bring to a home is remarkable.

It is such a lovely feeling when you have proper shoe storage for those precious items and a made-to-measure walk-in closet can supply not only this, but room for accessory storage, along with the obvious storage for your clothes. The luxury it brings to any home when everything has its place is amazing, and being able to choose, clothes, shoes and accessories all from your beautiful bespoke walk-in closet makes your home feel fit for a queen or king.

With our home design visits you can have your bespoke fitted closet designed in your own home. Your dedicated designer will visit your home and help you choose from the finest products to give your made-to-measure built-in wardrobe the most appropriate and fitting look and feel for your home and room space.

The design goes much further than the outside though. Along with the choices for the walk-in- wardrobes’ exterior design, comes the interior design. Shelving, hangers, racks and drawers can all be created to store and protect your clothes and there is plenty of consideration for bespoke shoe storage, and not to forget the all-important accessory storage too.

Once your design is complete then our skilled and careful craftsmen will bring your dream to life with care and respect in your home. Working from exact design plans, they will transform the materials into something that fits in perfectly with its surroundings and leaves you with a dream come true.