Custom made sliding mirror door wardrobe in London

Bespoke mirror sliding door wardrobes are considered to be one of the most popular sliderobes. It serves as an excellent furniture piece for improving the efficiency of your room, and it also adds a modern and stylish touch to your space. Investing in a made-to-measure sliding door wardrobe has acquired recognition among people who prefer modern interiors.

Once you decide the bespoke sliderobe is a storage solution you would like to have, you should think of the number of sections and doors you would like. It always depends on the space available.  Another decision to make is what kind of doors would you like to have – frameless or with a frame (you also have a range of frame thickness and the colours). And of course you also should decide on the materials for the doors. Would it be mirror ones (and the type and the colour of the mirror), wood-effect, spray-painted, leather-effect one, high gloss or matt? Do you think it is a tough decision to make? Our designers are here to help with the choice.

The interior of your bespoke wardrobe is another feature you need to think of as the fitted closet should not only be appealing but also practical. While there is a common hanging space and shelving height, please feel free to discuss your preferences in detail, as you might wish to have a space for hanging your maxi dresses or long coats. The same with the shelving – some customers prefer to have wider ones and other to have those divided into several sections.