Light fitted walk in dressing room in London

Storage is one of the biggest issues to cater with at any household regardless of its size and number of inhabitants. Everybody needs an efficient yet aesthetically pleasing solution to store their belongings. Fitted wardrobes are probably the number one choice to take for keeping your shoes, clothes and accessories. Custom made painted wardrobes are being used all over the world now. They are designed using various materials and in different styles. Fitted shaker style closets are a great choice to fit the needs of anyone who prefer elegant, stylish and classy feel.

With custom made painted wardrobes there is a great choice of colours and design options. Be creative and thoughtful when deciding what you are after. Is custom closet in neutral matt colours be your preference? Would a deep dark painted fitted wardrobe be the best for your dressing room? May be white matt painted fitted home office is something you would fancy? The choice of a design for your fitted wardrobe is incredibly easy if you rule out the choices by keeping your needs in view.

The next step is to decide how you will store away all your things. Is a hanging space required? How many drawers do you need? Would you require fitted shoe shelves for keeping your footwear? Is the accessory drawer something you would like to have? How high the shelves should be to keep your folders? In the end the ultimate advice is to be creative. Let your mind wander to find the possibilities of using all the space in an effective and elegant manner with bespoke built-in wardrobes. Happy organising!