Do you find it hard sometimes to find your shirts or trousers when you need them? What about the clean clothes? Are they lying on your bed for the want of space? Are your towels hanging on a chair? Well, you might have a storage problem in your room, and our bespoke fitted bedrooms, made-to-measure wardrobes or made to order built in storage are the solution that you are looking for. At IWardrobes we are here to help you to design the efficient loft storage or bespoke storage solutions for your bedroom. So, why do you need bespoke wardrobes?

Here’s why people choose Made-to-measure Fitted Wardrobes

Well, wouldn’t you like it better if everything in your bedroom, loft or hallway is in order? Don’t you wish that the clothes are hanging efficiently in the wardrobe and that the shoes are put in the special drawer where you can find them when you need them later?

You might also wish that your watches, personal possessions, precious jewellery, accessories could be stored in their allotted storage places, shelves, drawers or cubby holes, so that you can pick them up whenever you want to? It would be so great if you can get what you want without having to look too hard for it. No more searching, precious time saved – this is the reason why many people go for customised wardrobes.

The also is another reason – rooms often are oddly shaped and might have a sloped ceiling. There is often space that’s getting wasted at the nooks and corners, and you wish, if only the wardrobe was a bit narrower here, a little wider there, taller here and shorter there! Well, that’s certainly not possible with free standing wardrobes. But with bespoke fitted wardrobes – absolutely! You can get just what you are looking for and have the wardrobes designed according to your personal taste and preferences