At Iwardrobes, we love designing customised nurseries, bespoke kids fitted wardrobes and made-to-measure children’s closets. It’s a lot of fun for us, and allows us to use our creativity to the fullest extent.

There’s nothing we like better than to see how children react to our innovative design touches such as built in features for their PlayStation 4 or Xbox 360, or built in personalised children closet to hold their stuffed animals.

Our biggest consideration when designing bespoke fitted bedroom for children is to create a room that grows with them, and which can later be adapted into a grown space years later, when they leave home for college.

When ordering a fitted kids bedroom, you should remember it doesn’t matter how old the child is, they will eventually outgrow the bedroom furniture, whether it is a fitted kids closet or a bespoke nursery.

That’s why, at I-Wardrobes, we build bespoke wardrobes in London, which are easily adjustable and can work well with children of all sizes, needs and tastes.

Our fitted kids bedrooms are made to measure and make use of every square inch of space. We build everything from bespoke children’s customised nurseries, fitted closets and made-to-measure walk-in wardrobes and more.

So what can you expect from a fitted kids bedroom ?

First, you all know that kids of today have a whole lot of toys, stuffed animals, games and more. They have a large selection clothes. They also have expensive gadgets, games consoles and a vast collection of books.

So for a bespoke wardrobe designer, the challenge is to create order out of chaos. The storage and shelving play a vital role in thins. Kids’ bedrooms are not the biggest rooms in a house, so as wardrobe designers, it is our job to maximise the use of all the inches in the room, and not allow any space to be wasted.

What’s equally important is for the children to feel safe and creative. A child’s bedroom is a place where kids do their homework, which means it should have a desk and a chair. There should be enough storage space to hold school books and stationary.

Now, as designers, we realise that kids own a wide variety of gadgets such as phones, Kindles, iPad, laptops, music system, computers and so on. We pay a lot of attention to where these gadgets will be placed.

We also consider the atmospheric lighting. It is important that a kid’s bedroom should be well lighted. We make sure that there are enough open spaces in the bedroom and it is not too crowded because of the bespoke kids wardrobe, made-to-measure fitted closet, or fitted kids closets installed by us. Our goal is to create an environment that encourages kids to be playful and creative. We want them to enjoy every single moment they spend in their bedroom and feel safe and secure, even when they are alone in there.

We use a coloured glass and panel options to make your kid’s beautiful wardrobe come to life, without ever compromising on the functionality of the design. You can select a variety of bespoke wardrobes designs from us, ranging from bespoke hinged wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes.

The child’s safety is our biggest consideration; we make sure that the wardrobes are fitted with soft close and safety backed glass. The bespoke nursery is custom designed to fit awkward spaces and angled rooms.

We are a London custom-made fitted furniture manufacturers and bespoke storage solution specialists. We specialise in traditional and modern fitted wardrobes, customised walk-in closets and fitted bedrooms. Call us at 020 3561 0820 to arrange a free designer visit.