Have you always dreamed of a walk-in wardrobe, but do not have a spare room to use as your own magic kingdom to step into? Here is some good news for you – the fact that you are limited in square footage does not mean you cannot make your dreams come true.

In reality, a separation wall can help you to create a space dedicated to your shirts, dresses, trousers, blouses and shoes. It is up to you to decide what exactly you need – taller hanging space for dresses, coats and long skirts, shorter one for sweaters, tops, jackets. You will be surprised to know, that in many cases you can put much more clothes on hangers than folded on shelves in the same size wardrobe.

A walk in wardrobe is not necessarily more expensive than a fitted closet as with a walk-in wardrobe you can keep it open plan, meaning that you do not have to go for doors, which could save you some money.

If you have a larger space to be used as a walk-in wardrobe you can divide it into his and hers sections, creating a dedicated fitted shoe storage area. Here you have several options – you can choose regular shelves if you prefer to keep your shoes in boxes, special shoe drawers or shoe shelves. And how about drawers to keep your accessories? Why not to add a make up table with a mirror or a fridge unit? It is all up to you, your taste and lifestyle.

So why not to spoil yourself with a walk-in wardrobe designed by yourself and made especially to fit your space, taste and needs?