All of us now how difficult could be to choose something perfect, same with the wardrobes. Too choose a perfect wardrobe isn’t that easy if you don’t have a dream wardrobe on your mind. However, it’s possible to choose the right fitted wardrobe with the right style, colour, shelves and drawers but the it become another hard task. This hard task consist of choosing the correct doors for your wardrobe. Some of you already having a thought that it’s easy to choose doors but it’s not, especially when you start to choosing from a wide range of styles, colours, types and materials. The doors which you choose should match with the chosen fitted wardrobe and with the interior design in the room. On top of that you have to the decide which way they should open, will it be sliding or classic hinged doors or shall they push to open mechanism and etc. All these small points making one hard work which will be paid off in future with the new luxury fitted wardrobe with amazing doors of your choice.
At Iwardrobes we are providing a wide range of materials, colours, styles of wardrobes (i.e. sliding doors fitted wardrobes, bespoke fitted wardrobes, shake-style fitted wardrobes, hinged doors fitted wardrobes and etc.), as well as providing with a support in choosing the right fitted wardrobe for customer’s everyday needs. To book a design visit and change your old wardrobe to a new luxury fitted wardrobe check our website or call us on 020 3561 0820