Custom made fitted traditional walk in closet in London

For most homeowners, it is a daunting task to choose perfect wardrobe for their room. One needs to analyse various factors to make a wise decision. Your installation must utilise the current space more creatively while ensuring perfect storage arrangement for accessories, jewellery, shoes and clothes as well. The best way to make a suitable selection is to list out your requirements first.

There probably is no doubt to say that classic fitted closet could be the best choice not only for Victorian or Georgian homes, but also for modern ones. Below we have highlighted a few advantages of custom painted wardrobes:

  • Maximise overall space: As compared to the traditional free-standing wardrobes, the built-in wardrobes can fit almost any room. People consider it the best choice to deal with for rooms with unusual planning. These can also fit L-shaped corners in the house and can transform slopping ceiling spaces into a stylish and usable interior feature.
  • Match your interior décor: The best thing to know about walk-in wardrobes is that their design can be easily synchronised with the existing décor in the premises. Whether you are planning to install these wardrobes in your existing home or wish to create a fantastic look in the modern design, it is possible to choose materials, colour and configuration depending upon the need of your interiors. The sleek acrylic finish looks perfect for modern homes whereas the rustic interiors can be decorated with reclaimed or walnut wood.
  • Freedom in configuration: The internal space of the wardrobe can be easily customised for fitted classic wardrobes. Depending on your requirements, type of clothes and accessories, space can be configured in a much creative way. It is possible to design larger racks for your dresses, suites and small storage boxes for the routine accessories.
  • Integrated light fixtures: You will be happy to hear that walk-in wardrobe designs are easier to customise in terms of lighting. Generally, in the case of traditional free-standing wardrobes, people are more dependent on external light sources for illumination, but the built-in wardrobes have their light fixtures inside. It ensures easy access to the storage space while maintaining an eye-catching ambience in the premises.

If you want to utilise your apartment space more creatively, we advise you to install bespoke painted wardrobes in your premises.