A person only learns to appreciate storage solutions when there is a shortage. Especially now, when large cities are feeling cramped as micro apartments are popping up all over these cities. As the average apartment size continues to decrease, and as rent continues to rise, we look for more and more creative solutions in order to constantly do more with less space.

A quick search of the internet will yield pages of results with tips for how to maximize closet space. In many cases, these tips involve clothes folded to perfection; odds and ends placed “just so”, and an investment in all kinds of bins and baskets to put everything in.

When organisation to military-precision will not do, one simply has to come up with other ideas to add closet and storage spaces where none exist. Today, bespoke fitted wardrobes and custom made fitted bedrooms are not only functional, but many are also sophisticated with highly desirable features and can even become a part of a room’s décor.

One of the most popular in terms of style is contemporary sliding door fitted wardrobe. Space-conscious consumers will appreciate the storage solutions provided in addition to the space-savings gained by not using doors that swing out.

One cannot argue, however, that a wardrobe, no matter what type, is quite an investment. When purchased, it would be among the largest pieces of furniture a person would own. Our experienced team is here to help you with choosing the materials, design and colours for our custom-made fitted wardrobe or walk-in closet. Call 020 3561 0820 or e-mail info@i-wardrobes.co.uk for a free designer visit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]