Almost every bedroom has a wardrobe. There are two reasons why fitted wardrobes have become popular. First of all they are customised and complement overall bedroom designs; and second is that bedroom space is maximised as they are designed to fit the space. Bespoke modern fitted wardrobes reduce cleaning work and at the same time might increase your home value.

How to choose a fitted wardrobe design

Firstly you need to choose a space where you want the wardrobe to be. The most popular place for keeping your clothes is the main bedroom but if the space allows a guest room or storage room could be created into a walk-in wardrobe. Once you have decided on the area, you need to choose the design of the door. You have two choices:

Bespoke hinge door wardrobe – The hinged wardrobe doors are hung on hinges and rotate out as they open.

Fitted sliding door wardrobe – Sliding wardrobe doors use a track system to ‘slide’ open and closed.

With a hinge door, there is a more feel of tradition whilst sliding doors can be more creative.

Choosing the design and kit

A practical plan to design the compartments of a fitted sliderobe is use this system: a 2- door system would have 2 compartments; and there would be 3 compartments for a 3- door system. This way it is easy to access your stuff when you slide each door.

Depending on the ceiling height your bespoke fitted closet would usually include a top shelf that you can use bulky items or things you do not use often.

Almost every wardrobe has a hanging rail and you should think about the length of the clothing you are planning to keep there. Usually the necessary height of the hanging space is approximately 1 meter for keeping shirts, jackets, skirts, cardigans etc and for maxi clothing you might need floor-to-ceiling hanging space. In these cases a pull-down hanging rail might be used.

Depth of a fitted wardrobe

How deep will be the wardrobe be? It depends on a door type you choose.  Fitted sliding door wardrobe would be approximately 65 cm to fit a hanger and the sliding system. In case you opt for the hinged door wardrobe, the depth would be around 55-60 cm, but in this case you should remember that there should be enough space to open the door properly. With a bespoke wardrobe you have flexibility to choose the interior features you need. It might be an accessory storage, shoe drawers, tie racks etc.

Tips for Purchasing a Fitted Wardrobe

Figure out your needs first, especially how much space you actually need.  If unused spaces are available find how the storage can be maximized and used in the built-in wardrobe. Choose the right material and finish. Consider having a mirror door as usually this is something every person needs when dressing up. Hire trustworthy fitted storage company.