Modern mirrored sliding door fitted wardrobe
Custom made fitted wardrobe with sliding door made with mirror by

Wardrobe – a simple and regular interior detail in every home. Is there anything you did not know about a fitted wardrobe? Here are some details you might not have paid attention to so far:

What the wardrobe consists of?

The carcass of a built in wardrobe not only has a base, a top, sides and a back panel. In the majority of cases there is also an infill – on the bottom, top and between the wardrobe and the wall. While many customers wonder why the infills are needed, the answer is simple – on the bottom, between the actual wardrobe and the floor, there are small legs with adjustable height, that allow the level of the whole structure to be regulated as in 99,9% of cases the floor, walls and the ceiling are never straight.

Are wardrobes made for hanging?

Many people associate the wardrobe (the fitted closet or the free-standing one) with hanging space. But when it comes to bespoke wardrobes, it all is about your imagination, preferences and needs. You can have a wardrobe as a fitted shoe storage only, shelving, drawers, bag storage or household stuff etc. The only limit is the space really.

Sliding or Hinged door wardrobe?

When it comes to choosing the wardrobe, one of the first questions you think of is whether to choose the sliding doors or the hinged ones. It is not only a question of taste, there are also some practical differences you might need to consider before making the decision. Apart from the obvious difference in how you open the sliding and the hinged door and the space those take when the doors are open (there has to be space for the hinged door to open), there  is also the difference in the depth. The sliding door closet depth is larger than a hinged wardrobe as the sliding system takes up space as well.