Recent Project:

Fitted Wardrobes with Spray Painted Sliding Doors

The great thing about getting a made-to-measure wardrobe apart from the fact it actually is made according to the ceiling height and the available space you have, is an opportunity to design it yourself. Some might say, that there is such a wide choice of ready-to-buy closets, so why to spend your time on choosing, touching, deciding on the materials, structures and colours? Well, in many cases when you look at the ready-to-buy closet you understand that even if you like it, you would choose a bit lighter structure colour, wood-effect panels for interior or just would like to mix and match the materials and effects.

Our recent work – fitted sliding wardrobe, is a great example of mixing styles and materials. It is a real pleasure when a customer has such a sophisticated taste and is ready to experiment. In this project the structure is made of the high-quality modern wood-effect MDF. Thanks to carefully thought-through cut of materials the wood-effect panels on the interior and drawers look very elegant. And of course the amazing choice of colour makes the wardrobe look very sleek and stylish. In this project the modern MDF board interior is mixed with spray-painted sliding doors. It is another proof that traditional does not mean boring nor outdated. Frameless soft-closing sliding doors with inset handles looks stylish, modern and elegant and suits the classic interior of the room.

While deciding to get a bespoke fitted wardrobe and choosing the design might seem to be a long and difficult process for some homeowners, it gives you an opportunity to create a unique piece of furniture you will enjoy for years to come. Our designers are here for you to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible and are ready to answer all your questions and help you with ideas and choice. For a free wardrobe designer visit, call 020 3561 0820 or email