Built in wardrobe with hinged doors


Probably every woman’s dream home has a fitted walk-in wardrobe. A dedicated and luxurious space that can hold all of her shoes, matching purses and a multitude of clothing. But it will be much more than just a clothing storage location for the woman who has dreamt about owning one, it will become her retreat, a place where she can have a moment to herself while getting ready for the day. It’s not only women that can appreciate a bespoke walk-in wardrobe, but also the stylish business man who appreciates when everything is in its place. Save time getting dressed by having everything conveniently located for your morning dressing rituals.

Walk in and get dressed. Open doors that house clothing on hangers. Open drawers that hold folded clothing items and view the shelves that hold your shoes. Lights can also be installed in these bespoke walk-in wardrobes that maximise the dressing experience. Add seating and some full length mirrors and getting ready in the morning will be a task you look forward to.

Every bedroom needs a dedicated space in which to hang clothing, and a luxurious fitted bedroom wardrobe will optimise clothing storage space through functional, elegant design. There is even the flexible option of blending traditional and modern door designs to create a unique combination that will personalise your fitted bedroom wardrobe to reflect your personal style. Mirror wardrobes have more uses that just to reveal how we look. The mirrors make a small space look larger plus the mirrors reflect the natural light in the room. The high-end wardrobe design combined with light reflecting mirrors are a luxury design duo that can increase the value of your home while providing you with luxury storage space.