There are two types of storage available to homeowners to use in a room – the fitted wardrobes, also known as custom built-in wardrobes and freestanding storage units. The common misconception is that freestanding storage units are more convenient as it is believed that all you need to purchase is the unit and get it delivered to your doorstep. The fact remains that fitted wardrobes are of greater value in cash and kind.

Freestanding storage units might lose their value in no time at all, and this is when most people could start to regret their decision. On the other hand, while fitted or walk-in wardrobes might be time-consuming when it comes to installation, their benefits surpass the cost and time required to get it fitted in your home.

Optimal Use of Space

This is one of the major advantages that fitted wardrobes have over their freestanding counterparts as they are made to fit the provided space in the room. This allows you to make optimal use of every part of the room as shelves and clothing rails can be built from the floor to the top of the ceiling. While people might want to argue that objects can be placed on top of freestanding wardrobes, it is worth noting that such objects are not protected from elements like dust.


Freestanding wardrobes are usually not customisable as they come in a particular style and size. Fitted wardrobes are however customisable and can be styled to fit the homeowner’s taste and specifications. With the development of modern sliding door wardrobes and other such designs, homeowners have the liberty to choose the material, style or even theme they feel most comfortable with.

In addition to customising the style and design of the wardrobe, fitted wardrobes can also be customised to fit spaces that would otherwise be useless. This means that unusual or otherwise useless spaces in the room can be made useful by designing a creative storage unit that fits.

Easy Maintenance

Freestanding wardrobes tend to allow dust to gather in corners of the room as they leave unused space around the wardrobe. The case is absolute opposite with built-in wardrobes as they fit perfectly into any space made for them, leaving no space to allow for the accumulation of dust and dirt.

With fitted wardrobes, homeowners do not need to worry about the routine cleaning of the top pf the wardrobe, which can be stressful, to say the least.

More Organized Storage

Fitted wardrobes allow for more organisation of the storage unit. Unlike freestanding wardrobes where there is a restriction on the number of rails and shelves which are usually not tailored to match the storage requirements of the homeowner, built-in wardrobes are usually custom-made.

With fitted wardrobes, every item has its specific space, making organisation of wares easier and more effective.