One of the main features of any home or flat is the premier wardrobe. It is no surprise then that we all want a wardrobe that counts. A fitted wardrobe offers the best and latest in design options, and bespoke storage solutions pave the way towards organizing your clothes and shoes into a neat and disciplined space.

Many people may think that obtaining the fitted wardrobe of their dreams is impossible or difficult, but they would be wrong.

With Iwardrobes, anyone can redecorate and redesign their wardrobe area into something truly beautiful. What is more, this can even be done at a competitive price as well.

But with such made to measure storage solutions, it can be difficult deciding on one of the many wardrobe designs available. Each design has its own layout form, and truly reflects the inner character of a person. A walk-in wardrobe should match your personality, and choosing the right design is an important decision to make.

Hinged Door Wardrobes

One of the most popular design options includes hinged door wardrobes. These fitted wardrobes offer extreme versatility and flexibility to the user. They are also available in a variety of colours and pattern options, typically ranging from over twenty-five possible combinations to choose from. Offering the perfect combination of style, quality, and craftsmanship, hinged door wardrobes offer a great amount of space to any walk in area, and utilize several different storage methods. With loft storage, it is easy for anyone to organize his or her shoes and clothing with this style of walk in wardrobe.

Traditional Wardrobes

Traditional wardrobes offer the perfect solution for someone looking for a truly artistic and beautiful storage space. This made-to-measure wardrobe can fit into any room available, and is crafted from handmade materials. Because they are built with such precision, shaker-style wardrobes are sleek and their clean lines are carved with pinpoint precision. Many period homes today include this specific wardrobe function, as they are often have classic spray-painted matt or glossy finish that gives them a beautiful shine to behold. Undoubtedly their best advantage, however, is that they offer the largest amount of space of all the wardrobe varieties.

Corner Wardrobes

For homes or flats with unique room designs, a corner wardrobe can be the perfect way to maximize the space that is available to you. They can be built to very precise specifications, which allows you to fit them in even the most awkward of corner places. These wardrobes also offer a sophisticated storage option, yet retain all the simplicities of life. Without dominating a room’s atmosphere, corner storage units also allow for it to act as a sliding door wardrobe, and can enhance and blend into any environment.

Getting the walk in wardrobe of your dreams should not merely be a dream. Iwardrobes can help you to make it a reality. With competitive prices, it can be hard to choose from one of the many wardrobe designs available, but whichever you choose, it is sure to be the perfect storage solution.