When you start thinking about getting a made to measure fitted bedroom or bespoke built in wardrobe one of the first questions is – how much would it cost? There is no definite answer but we will try to explain how much could it potentially be.

It’s hard to say how much your customised fitted wardrobes would cost without taking a look at your room and knowing what exactly you would like to have. One of the main factors is the size of the wardrobe of course and the material chosen.

While the total price of your custom made fitted wardrobes depend on the size of the closet it still is possible to give an approximate price of the meter length of the wardrobe – £1000. The figure is very rough as it depends on the material chosen. We offer a wide choice of materials with different structures and effects. All of them are high quality and durable but some special effects and structured are more expensive than plain materials.

You can make you most unusual design ideas to come true, let us help with it. No matter what you are up for – made-to-measure fitted wardrobes in the reception, bespoke built in bedroom, customised loft storage or walk in wardrobe call us at 020 3561 0820 to book a free designer visit and to get a free quote.