The cost of bespoke traditional fitted wardrobes depends on a number of factors such as how large or how small you want it to be, the materials that you want to use in them, the types of drawers, shelves and mirrors that you would like to place inside them.

Since there are so many different types of traditional fitted wardrobes, most of which are custom made, it is hard to be specific about the cost. But generally they cost anything from £1,000 per meter length  depending on the internal layout, size and specification as well as the materials used. If you want to go for the more elaborate, full scale made-to-measure wardrobe suites that could cost you several thousand pounds.

Why choose fitted wardrobes?

Well, there are a number of reasons why you should go for these wardrobes. Once you install them, they look like exquisite pieces of furniture. They come with customisable closet designs made from several different types of wood species and other materials.

Another advantage of traditional bespoke wardrobes is that they offer hundreds of hardware choices and a wide variety of finishes. They fit well into bedrooms with limited space and look very authentic. Made-to-measure fitted wardrobes are custom made according to your requirements, and so fit well around high ceilings, slopped ceilings, fireplaces and can be used as solid book shelves.

These wardrobes come with fixed and adjustable shelves and incorporate new design options such as rotating. They can be built with additional shoe storage and come with a shoe rack. You can easily add drawers for socks and underwear to them. So as you can see, you can find a vast number of applications for traditional made-to-measure wardrobes.

Finally, you should only hire the most experienced professionals to design, build and install your traditional fitted wardrobes, shaker style wardrobes, hinged door wardrobes, bespoke storage solutions and made-to-measure wardrobes. Call us at 020 3561 0820 to book a free designer visit and to know how much would you fitted wardrobe cost.