Fitted mirror sliding door wardrobe

A modern fitted wardrobe is one of the most coveted home features. There are so many designs of fitted wardrobes that it might seem confusing to choose one. A beautiful wardrobe is the focal point of any room. Here are a few ideas how to make the decision.

The sliding doors

The sliding door wardrobe become more and more popular. The sliding doors save space and give a modern look to your room.

The material

There is such a great choice of materials and structures available, that it really gives you an opportunity to create a unique piece of furniture. You can go for either real wood or high quality MDF with wood or leather effect, glass or mirror.

The size

It often is difficult to find suitable ready-to-buy wardrobe. It often is either too large, too tall, too narrow or just too small that a lot of free unused space is left in the niche. Bespoke wardrobes give you an opportunity to maximize the storage space and also make your room look more sleek and accurate.

Mirror doors

Fitted wardrobes with mirror sliding doors become more and more popular. Mirror doors not only makes the room lighter and larger but also gives you a full-length mirror.

A fitted wardrobe can change the look of your room radically. Bespoke wardrobe does not mean it costs a fortune. At i-Wardrobes we offer free designer visits and competitive prices.