How to choose a fitted wardrobe

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The wardrobe is an important part of the room as it is not just a storage space. While purchasing bespoke wardrobes you have to put a good deal of thought into it because you have so consider several major facts like:

  • Storage requirements
  • Size of the room
  • Personal style

You must go through all the available options before choosing the wardrobe for your room:

Modern hinged door wardrobes:

As with any made-to-measure wardrobe you can have it built in for any length and almost any height like from the floor to the ceiling and from one wall to another. Apart from that, it can be perfectly designed for sloping ceiling. While having contemporary design it still looks very solid and stylish. Here you can have the doors matt or high gloss, mix and match different materials, structures and colours creating a really unique fitted wardrobe.

Made to measure sliding door wardrobes:

The fitted wardrobes with the sliding doors you can have it with either a frame being used as a handle as well or have the frame hidden and the doors being just plain material. The advantages of sliderobes is that there are great for restricted spaces as those do need extra space to open the door comparing to hinged door closets.

Bespoke classic hinged door wardrobes:

Homeowners more and more often choose classic interior design and traditional hinged door wardrobes. In most cases they prefer Shaker style or just traditional spray-painted wardrobes that match the style of the home or a particular room. However even you are looking for something classic, you can still make your built in closet a real interior feature by mixing traditional design and unusual colours like matt dark blue, greet, violet etc.. This will really make your fitted closet stand out.

If you are looking for fitted wardrobes in London, not matter what your idea is, feel free to get it touch with us and we will help you to make you dreams and ideas to come true.