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Whether you’re living with your parents, in a small apartment, or in a massive house that overlooks the square you need a fitted wardrobe. It’s easy to throw your clothes on the floor until it eventually forms a pile or on a chair until it eventually turns into a chair-drobe, but this is not sustainable. Your clothes will never stay crinkle-free.

Why not invest in a wardrobe? You may ponder on this question and say you don’t have enough space for a wardrobe or that you already have one, but it’s too full. Well, no space or room shape is a match for I-Wardrobes. We offer a wide range of the bespoke fitted storage solutions in London and we cater to your taste.

With I-Wardrobes there is no such thing as a standard wardrobe. You are the architect of your own world class storage savers which means that you will get unique design ideas every time you make use of our services. It really is the easiest way to get those clothes into a stylish storage unit.

The first step is to browse through our wide range of materials, colours and structures in order to choose the exact fitted wardrobe that meets your needs. You can choose between made to measure fitted bedrooms, walk-in closets, or even made to customised loft storage solutions. The latter can really help you organize all those tiny little odds and ends no one wants to throw away.

The second step will be to choose your design type. I-Wardrobes has many different styles and they make sure they keep up with the latest trends in furniture design. Some of their more popular styles include the classic shaker-style wardrobes, the spray-painted traditional wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes and the hinged door wardrobes.

Then the fun starts! You can contact I-Wardrobes and a team of our experts will come to your house. Here we will measure the area, listen to your ideas and preferences where the closet would look best, and see what the best options will best suit your space. This visit is absolutely free, because they know you want value for money.

Back at the office and workspaces, the team will start the designing process where they’ll build the model so you have a clear idea of how the fitted wardrobe will look. During this step all your wildest wishes will come true in the click of a few buttons and you’ll be sent a comprehensive quote, factoring in all the costs pertaining to the job.

Once you have approved this quotation and have agreed, the construction process will start. Project managers will work to ensure that they produce the layout and plans of the furniture you prefer. After this we will start crafting the high quality materials you have chosen.

I-Wardrobes will then come to your house and construct the wardrobe on-site. Our professional teams will make sure that everything goes according to plan and it also provides you with the opportunity to see what the process entails.

Still looking for a bespoke storage solution for your home? Call 020 3561 0820 or e-mail info@iwardrobes.co.uk now to arrange a free designer visit now.