Choosing a new wardrobe is not the easiest task! Mainly, customers have ideas about what they want to have at home and where it will be placed and this ideas can be easily crushed by many different things. For example, customers get stuck at the point when it come what type of fitted wardrobe, either it will be a walk-in wardrobe or maybe it is better to choose a sliding door wardrobe or even wall fitted wardrobe. As well, customer can get confused what sizes it should be, maybe it is greater to have a floor to ceiling wardrobe or to have it wall to wall. Same as choosing the right colour or choosing the right material. All this things can get people confused and they might lose the enthusiasm is buying a new fitted wardrobes. So first thing what people should look at is a room where wardrobe will be fitted in, second is how big it should be and third is the interior design of a chosen room. These threes points are giving a great start in choosing the most appropriate fitted wardrobe and will help customers not to break their dreams. After that the most correct task to do is to book a design visit with a designer, so they can give a professional advise and help to negotiate the best design, colour, style and type of the wardrobe. Therefore, it will help customers to save time and choose the wardrobe which will meet their need and expectations!