Choosing a new wardrobe is not the easiest task! Mainly, customers have ideas about what they want to have at home and where it will be placed and this ideas can be easily crushed by many different things. For example, customers get stuck at the point when it come what type of fitted wardrobe, either it will be a walk-in wardrobe or maybe it is better to choose a sliding door wardrobe or even wall fitted wardrobe. However, all we know that wardrobes is one of the important furniture at home, so it should be spacious, stylish and should represent the owner. Consequently, buying a new fitted wardrobe have to be planned and clients have to pay attention to small details as different hinges, hooks, shelves, type of wardrobe, style, colour and etc. to choose the wardrobe that will meet their needs and expectations. Because sometimes people can’t change their wardrobe after few weeks of use, therefore paying big attention to some particular details will help to create a dream wardrobe that will last for very long and will help to relish every moment of use. In order to help our customers we have different posts that help them to find out more about wardrobes and most important things that should be considered when choosing a new, luxury and elegant wardrobe!