Interior Design museums in London

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Let’s have a look at different museums around London, museums which will improve your knowledge in interior design. There’s 2 main museum for the purpose of find out more and something new in design. First, is a really famous museum called Design Museum. Design Museum is constantly having different exhibitions and events dedicated to interior design and many other interesting architectural exhibitions. Design Museum’s events will give a great ideas for how to choose the correct wardrobe design or ideas on what type of fitted wardrobes is more suitable for library, bedroom and etc. By checking Design Museum website you can find out more about their nearest events and current exhibitions. Another incredibly great museum is “The Geffrye Museum”. This museum theme is lifestyle, arts, design and architecture. By attending this museum people can expand their view on different aspects of design, architecture and lifestyle. Consequently, it will help to understand more about interior design which also includes the aspects of fitted wardrobes, bespoke wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and sliding-door wardrobes designs. However, we provide our personal designs which can be a great start for our customer in choosing new bespoke wardrobe, as well as our designers are always ready to help and provide a best support to find the most suitable design for customer needs.