Recently we had a post about the materials we use to provide the best quality for our customer, as well as to make our products unique and bring luxury to fitted wardrobes. The post about the material could be found in our latest news section, alternatively to find out more about all of the materials we provide follow this section “Materials”. Today’s post is about the Leather and Acrylic Surfaces that we use to bring together luxury and innovation to our exclusively design products.To add some exclusivity to the design of fitted wardrobe, sliding doors wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe and etc. our designers create unique wardrobes with the use of the Leather and Acrylic Surfaces. Sibu technology helps to add special features to your bespoke wardrobe. It has a variety of colours, textures and themes from leather or wooden looking to 3d effect. Sibu panels are the right choice for people looking for innovative design for all kind of storage solution – contemporary shelving units, classic wardrobes or modern walk-in wardrobes. Therefore, if you want to have an exclusive, unique and right design for a wardrobe, choose the Leather and Acrylic Surfaces material and bring unique luxury to your dream wardrobe.