fitted hinged door wardrobe

Have you dreamt of a perfect walk-in wardrobe and a bespoke fitted shoe storage? A bespoke walk-in closet is a worthy project that you should try.

There often is a concern that there is no enough space available for a large fitted wardrobe. Do you really need that chest of drawers in the bedroom? Have you considered moving the bed to another wall? Have you thought of making part of the guest bedroom a walk-in wardrobe with a sofa-bed? Or you could just make a corner walk-in wardrobe or open-style one with no doors, it could be a great option for limited-size rooms.

It also is important to carefully think about the length and the size of the hanging space required. In case you have high ceiling you might wish to go for pull-down hanging rail or adding a shelf on the top above the hanging rail for some items you don’t use often.

A great feature for some luxurious look are LED lights with movement sensors or just regular switches. Hinged door walk-in wardrobe is a classic option. The doors will not only keep your clothes, shoes and accessories from dust, but also give you another opportunity to personalize the closet. While the panel doors usually makes the storage unit look solid, the glass doors is a great option for those who want to add “air” to the wardrobe – it keeps the wardrobe look as “open” as door-less one, but still keeps the belongings away from the dust.

Fitted shoe storage is another part of a walk-in wardrobe that almost all homeowners opt for. It can be either shoe drawers of shoe shelves, or shelving to keep the boxes with your footwear and bags. Call us now to book your free designer visit for some fitted storage ideas and a quick quote.