Custom made fitted book case for Victorian house in London

You don’t have to work from home to have a home office. You most probably have documents you keep in your drawers or in the files on your shelf. At some point you note that there are just too many envelopes, files and boxes, and you need to reorganise how you store those.

Having a bespoke office does not mean you have a whole dedicated room for it. You can have a corner in a guest bedroom or even part of your utility room reorganised as a fitted home office. As our wardrobes are always made-to-measure, those can fit even in the attics room – the space does not have to rectangular or square.

Made-to-measure bookshelf for storing your books, photos, favourite magazines or just documents can not only be convenient to use, but can also become a centre-piece of your room. It can complement your antique coffee or dining table, modern minimalistic sofa, or the flooring in your hallway. When we talk about the period properties, there usually are some niches in reception room and bedrooms and it is difficult to find ready-to-buy bookshelves that will not only fit into the space and wont be too deep or narrow, but also that would be stable enough and the shelves wont just break. Having a bespoke fitted bookshelf that is made-to-measure from the materials that you choose yourself is a great solution to convert niches and awkward spaces to a storage unit.