Made-to-measure fitted wardrobes: Storage solution for any room

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If you are living in London, then you know how precious space is. With sky-high prices, thinking of ways to use any inch of available space in every room including small lofts, has become a necessity. Bulky outdated wardrobes that use up half the room’s space are thing of the past, and contemporary wardrobe designs are more adjusted to modern living conditions.

Even if you think you don’t have space enough and that you’re doomed to have your clothes scattered all around your apartment, call our team and come up with a perfect storage solution that will fit in your living space and fulfill all your storage needs. There isn’t any nook or cranny that can’t present as an opportunity for the extra space we all long for, especially when you can have eyes of the experts to help you realise potential of your living space. Also, made-to-measure fitted wardrobes are complement with period property design, allowing every alcove or space around chimney breast to be used as potential storage solution.

When you decide on made-to-measure fitted wardrobe, you can be sure that you’ll be using every inch of space available and be able to have a custom made wardrobe that will suit your needs for storage perfectly. Our experienced team will account any of your wishes concerning your storage needs, and be able to incorporate your made to measure fitted wardrobes wardrobe in any type of bedroom, despite the potentially unusual architectural design of the room. If you have high ceilings, you could choose made-to-measure fitted wardrobe that goes up the wall, ensuring great storage potential, but even rooms that seem more challenging (like ones that are unusually shaped and have indrawn or protruding spaces that seem like they can’t be used for anything) can be majestically transformed with great bedrooms with practical storage solution. The key is the fact that every made-to-measure fitted wardrobe is exactly what the name suggests- a wardrobe custom-made to match the measures of your bedroom and fitted so it would perfectly suit your storage demands. We are furniture manufacturers in London and our experienced team is here to consult you and help you on deciding what type of made-to-measure fitted wardrobe is the perfect match for you.

When purchasing made-to-measure fitted wardrobe, customisation level available for the buyers is astounding. Not only we will ensure you’ll have a wardrobe that is seamlessly fits in your bedroom and is organised according to your storage needs, you can also choose colour, materials and style you prefer, IWardrobes bespoke furniture manufacturers in London can incorporate your wished and ideas for design, too, when making your ideal wardrobe. By exploiting unused space in your bedroom, you will not only make sure to solve your storage problems, but it can also have an aesthetic value, giving your bedroom that final touch and making it seem more spacious than it is.