When you become a homeowner or when you decide to refurbish your property one of the questions you will be thinking about is your storage space. Hopefully this blog post will help you to make a decision and find a solution. Let’s discuss why you should consider ordering bespoke storage solutions for your home.

Why people choose Made-to-Measure Wardrobes?

A made-to-measure wardrobe is made specially for your room. You can use even the most awkward and non-standard spaces in any room, such as eaves and chimney breasts. With bespoke storage solution for your loft or under stairs space you can increase your storage space significantly and sometimes even getting even twice. You can add several useful features to your made-to-measure fitted wardrobes such as mirrors, safes, extra shelves, folding work tables and beds for your guest rooms and more. The bespoke wardrobe can be convertible to a comfortable home office.

Another great advantage of creating a made-to-measure personalised wardrobe is that it allows you to use your space efficiently. With sliding or hinged door wardrobes or walk-in closets, you can make sure that every nook and corner and every inch of floor space is utilized efficiently. These wardrobes can be used even in oddly shaped bedrooms or loft with sloping ceilings. These can be a great option for kids’ rooms, master and guest bedrooms.

Why Choose Made-to-Measure Wardrobes Over Free Standing Wardrobes?

There are several reasons to consider installing made-to-measure wardrobes in your home rather than a free standing ones. One of the most important considerations is space. When you install bespoke wardrobe, you will make use of every inch of your floor space, even those parts of your home that would otherwise get wasted.

The majority of homeowners say that made-to-measure fitted wardrobes are far more versatile than free standing ones. You can add useful features like folding bed, a shoe shelve or extra drawers , these wardrobes can easily adapt to the needs of your family. You also can combine different materials, structures, colours, you can make the most unusual design ideas to come true. You can also easily fit LED light fixtures.

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