Bespoke made-to-measure fitted sliderobe

Neutral colour sliding door fitted wardrobe in St Johns Wood, London

There is a hint of style in living in a house which is well furnished and upgraded with modern world lifestyle choices. With the newest of curtains, cushions and the style of furniture built, the house speaks volumes about one’s personality and choices. The way we design our house and offices are a reflection of our choices and moods and thoughts which is very much inherent in the colour, fabric, quality and the furniture style we choose to build. And that is why there are fitted wardrobes that are design features of a living room, hall or dining and shall be selected with careful deliberation and understanding. The choices to select from are many and each equally good.

Modern fitted hinged door wardrobes

These is the most urban design selected by a lot of people for utilising the space completely and building a wardrobe that looks classy at the sight of it. Modern fitted hinged door wardrobes are kept simple and very much in sync with the wall paint and decoration and there is generally no crafting on them. There is a set of wardrobes build to look which is fitted on the wall and hold good enough space to keep all the belongings. This is usually made on one full wall of the room to occupy the whole space and give enough area to store stuff plus block one side of the room specially to give a comfortable sight of the wardrobes.

Bespoke sliding door wardrobes

Slide doors are a huge rage because of the spacious and easy breezy use of it. Another design which has been ruling the modern lifestyle interiors with its variations running into slide doors of plastic, glass and wood is a complete awe to use. It makes use of the otherwise occupied and left over space of the doors when you use the wardrobes and is especially helpful when you have a room or house which isn’t too spacious. The bespoke sliding door wardrobes can be conveniently as built-in wardrobes with sliding doors which match open to the walls around it providing for the ultimate space utilisation and simple designs rule.

Bespoke traditional fitted wardrobes

Classic wardrobes never go out of fashion. The look and the craft is simple and in soft colours that are bound to match any sort of living styles and interior. The plus point is they are generally built in the way of classic fitted wardrobes which make it the most spacious and classy looking options for anyone who does not want to explore much on the interiors and wants to play safe. The classic fitted wardrobes makes use of the spaces left for the wardrobe creation in apartments and at places responds as good as a wall. The colours chosen can be from rustic browns, greys and a lot of variation with the walls to give the apartment the feel you want to.

No matter what you are after – modern hinged door wardrobes, bespoke sliderobes or made-to-measure traditional closets, our designers are here to help your dreams to come true. Get in touch with our team for a free designer visit on 020 3561 0820 or fill the the form