Made to measure fitted slopped ceiling sliding angled door loft wardrobe
Made to measure fitted slopped ceiling sliding angled door loft wardrobe

Are you wondering how you can declutter your bedroom because the wardrobes are full? Why not turn your loft into a storage space. Made-to-measure loft closets can be very useful in utilising what is otherwise just a wasted space in your house. With the right furniture fitting company, you can get slopping ceiling wardrobes easily, and even convert the loft into comfortable living quarters. This is becoming an attractive option for many homeowners who are grappling with space shortage.  How do you do this?

Get the concept right

What is the general idea of the made-to-measure loft storage look? Do you need fitted shelving or you would like to have it with the doors? What side of the loft would you like to install it? Are there any other plans you have for the loft? Careful conception is crucial because it can make a big difference between a white elephant project and a worthy investment.

If you are not very clear what exactly you would like to have, there are interior design experts to help you out. Our experienced designers will look at the space and tell you what is possible and what is not. This will depend on the size, lighting, height access, angle of slope of the ceiling and so on.

Choose the furniture fitting company

Even if you do have a clear picture about what you need and want, you still would require an expert to help you out at this stage, it is crucial to get the right furniture fitting company. Apart from choosing the type and look of the wardrobe you might want to get the professional’s opinion as for some particular reasons some door types might not be fitted in the particular room or some colours would not look fancy with that particular lightning. The smart thing is to work with one company from the design stage to the end.

Decide what you want

What type of loft storage do you want? You can make this decision depending on:

  • Space – what is the square footage available? What is the ceiling height? This is the biggest factor influencing whatever design you need.
  • Style – Do you want a bespoke spray-painted wardrobe or a contemporary design? Does the available space allow hinged doors, or sliding ones would be the best solution? Do you require doors at all – open-plan fitted shelves could be great for games rooms, storing photos or just souvenirs.

What materials and colours do you like? It is important to choose the options that you like the most to make sure you enjoy the room itself. Sloped ceiling wardrobes and fitted shelving can make the loft room look cosy and bring a new life to it.