Modern sliderobe with walk in area in London
Modern sliding door wardrobe

Homeowners are beginning to embrace the concept of fitted wardrobes and with the different types of fitted wardrobes available from bespoke sliderobes, fitted hinged door wardrobes to classic spray-painted fitted wardrobes, picking a wardrobe has never been easier.

The benefits of making this choice cannot be overestimated. It is however important that the right type of wardrobe is selected. The fitted sliding door wardrobes bring comfort and style to the bedroom, regardless of the size of the room.

Many homeowners usually spend most of time trying to decide on the most suitable fitted wardrobes considering factors such as the pattern of the wardrobe, size and existing décor of the room. All these factors put together can make the selection process a bit tedious and time-consuming.

Below are some tips to help making the most suitable choice of fitted wardrobes right from the point of choosing the supplier to the installation of the wardrobes.

Fitted Wardrobe Company

This is the first step in choosing the right wardrobe for your room. It is important that you select a supplier that offers a personalised and bespoke service and not just a ready range of products. It is also worth noting that no two rooms, lifestyles and personalities are the same.

Choice of Style

Some bedrooms may be large with a lot of space, while other rooms are compact. It therefore requires skill and expertise to choose the right wardrobe type and pattern to fit the room. For smaller rooms fitted sliding door wardrobes will most likely will be chosen.


Unlike freestanding wardrobes, fitted wardrobes take more time to make and delivered to your home. From the designer to the material producer and even installers, every member of the team should be experienced and reliable. Depending on the scale of the project, the process can take from a week to several weeks.

You might want to do some research and look for fitted wardrobe design ideas before making a choice. No matter how unusual your space or layout is or how special your design idea is, our team is here to help you with making your interior dreams to come true. No matter whether you are looking for a high quality walk-in wardrobe, fitted home office or built-in wardrobe, feel free to get in touch to schedule a free designer visit.