Fitted Mirrored Wardrobes

Made-to-measure fitted mirrored wardrobes are a very popular choice for customers who are looking for a sleek wardrobe. It’s no secret, that mirrored doors make is a great solution to make the room look larger and lighter and it’s also a great way to save the space there’s no need to buy a free standing mirror in your bedroom.

We offer a wide choise of bespoke storage solutions with mirrored doors, including modern made to measure mirror sliding door wardrobes, traditional spray painted closets with fretwork and mirror, frameless mirror door storage solutions and many more.

Huge selection of bespoke wardrobe finishes and styles.
Typical turn around within two to four weeks
10 year wardrobe warranty

Our range of fitted mirrored door wardrobes

All the projects we offer are being made-to-measure and can be either fitted or free-standing.  Take a look at some of our popular designs of bespoke wardrobes. Whichever design and style of our bespoke wardrobes you choose, we can help you make the most of your space.

Bespoke traditional wardrobe


Pimlico Bespoke spray-painted wardrobe with a mirror Features: satin spray painted hinged doors external spray…
custom spray painted wardrobe


Westminster Bespoke spray painted wardrobe Features: satin spray painted hinged doors external spray painted MDF…
Mirrored wardrobes London

Canary Wharf

Made-to-measure fitted sliding door wardrobe Canary Wharf Features and Finishes: spray painted sliding doors with…
Fitted spray painted walk in wardrobe in London


Bespoke Painted Dressing Room Marylebone Features: satin spray painted hinged doors shaker style doors external…
Modern mirrored sliding door fitted wardrobe


Fitted Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe Blackfriars Features: Aluminium frame sliding doors Safety backed Mirrors Premium…
Fitted mirrored made to measure wardrobes London


Fitted Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe Islington Features and Finishes: Aluminium frame sliding doors drawer systems…

All our fitted mirrored wardrobes are fully bespoke and we can help our customers to create the interior feature that would not only be a practical storage solution but also an interior centrepiece. We offer modern made to measure sliding door mirror wardrobes, frameless mirror door wardrobes and also traditional bespoke spray painted closets with mirror and fretwork.

Opting for mirror for the doors of the wardrobe is a great way to make the space look lighter and bigger. It also is a great solution while dressing up as you would not need to buy the freestanding mirror. Made to measure sliding mirror door wardrobes are especially popular as hallway storage solution allowing to neatly encorporate the wardrobe for keeping outerwear, shoes, accessories etc in the space without making the storage look bulky.

Our bespoke hinged mirrored wardrobes can be done using spray painted MDF, or wooden veneered frames. Spray painted made to measure mirror closets with fretwork elements and custom made shaker style mirror doors is our expertise and our team is here to asist with with choosing the designs, colours and wardrobe features.

Our Fitted Mirrored Wardrobe Material Options

We offer a wide range of materials, finishes and colours. Our professional team will help you to choose the best suitable combination of wood, mirror, glass, leather, polished lacquer for your wardrobe, shelving unit or other storage solution.

Leather and Acrylic Surfaces Sibu technology helps to add special features to your bespoke wardrobe.…
floral red glass
Deep Structure Panels Deep structure panels will make your wardrobe really exceptional. Wide choice of…
Decorative Veneer Panels Decorative veneered panels are made of real wood. Every detail is truly…
XYLOCLEAF Melamine Faced Chipboard XYLOCLEAF offer an amazing collection of incredible colours, textures and surfaces.…
EGGER Melamine Faced Chipboard Egger panels are there best solution for people looking to create…

Why choose i-Wardrobes

We have over 10 years experience in helping our customers with bespoke modern wardrobes, custom made traditional closets, high spec walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms. All our units come with soft closing mechanisms as a standard, best hardware and joinery available and a large choise of materials, colours, structures and features. We work closely with the suppliers from the UK, Italy and other Europe to offer customers a wide choice of styles whether they want a contemporary bespoke wardrobe, custom made traditional shaker style closet or made to measure dressing room.

Our process

Free Site Visit

Everything starts with a visit to your home. Our fitted wardrobe design service is absolutely free of charge, so we can make your (& our) ideas a reality and to ensure measurements are taken correctly.

Computer Generated Designs

Our designers as part of the process create a 3D computer generated custom design. Graphics are produced to match your wishes together with a detailed quote for the cost of the fitted wardrobes.

Receive your quote

Once a fitted wardrobe quote has been approved and prices are agreed with a client, our project managers will produce a final set of drawings together with detailed specification for your final approval. Following this your bedroom furniture will be created.

On-Site Installation

When the time has come to deliver your bespoke bedroom furniture, our professional installers will ensure that it is fitted in the way it was originally designed.

Why choose Fitted Mirrored Door Wardrobes?

Choosing mirror for your fitted wardrobe dors can offer several advantages in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Here are some reasons why our customers often prefer  made-to-measure mirrored door storage:

1. Space: Mirrored doors can help with making the room look larger. This is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms and spaces with limited width and or height.

2. Light Reflection: Mirror reflects the light both natural and artifictial, enhancing the overall brightness of the space. This is especially advantageous in rooms with limited natural light and in spaces where maximizing light is essential.

3. Aesthetic Appeal: Fitted wardrobes with mirrored doors add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room. These can seamlessly blend with various interior design styles, from contemporary to classic, and contribute to a sleek and neat look.

4. Functionality: Having mirrors on bespoke wardrobe doors helps while dressing up, putting the make up on and fixing your hair without the need for an additional mirror in the room.

5. Versatility in Design: bespoke mirror door wardrobes come in various designs and configurations. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a more intricate pattern, there are many options to suit different tastes and preferences.

6. Customization Options: our fitted mirror wardrobes can be customized to fit the specific dimensions and layout of the space. Our made-to-measure approach engives the opportunity to maximise the storage space.

7. Timeless Style: Bespoke fitted wardrobes with mirror elements is probably one of the most practical and timeless styles for built in and freestanding storage.

Fitted Mirrored Wardrobe Real Project Pictures and 3D Designs

If you’d like to discuss bespoke fitted wardrobe costs and options – call 020 3561 0820 or leave your details below

    Our minimum fitted wardrobe order is £2,500 + VAT subject to specification, size and how easy the access to the property and space is. Placing an enquiry for the design visit does not guarantee it will be arranged. We currently install wardrobes and bedroom furniture across Central, North and West London postcodes, plus parts of the Home Counties, so please feel free to contact us for more information. In the best interests of our team and customers we aim to offer online quotes before arranging the visits when possible during these unprecedented times. To get a price estimate please provide the measurements of the space including the ceiling height, the photo of the space and the style you are after. The proposed cost might also be provided without the design drawings when possible. We also reserve the right not to offer quotes or fit the projects that would not be durable, practical or fit for purpose in our opinion.

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