Fitted bedroom with hinged doors
Elegant fitted bedroom wardrobe with hinged doors


If you are a lover of clothes and fashion, then your wardrobe is definitely full of excessive pieces of clothing that require more space. When it comes to the selection of the type of fitted wardrobe that you want, there are nearly unlimited options for you to choose from. The first thing that comes to your mind while selecting the right wardrobe is the storage space that it has to offer, which is the core reason most people install a new bespoke wardrobe. With a lot of options at hand, you have to choose the right one to fit your needs accordingly.

Here are a few of the wardrobe options to choose from:

Fitted Wardrobes:

The wardrobe designers in today’s time brought about immense progress in the world of interior. The additional space offered by the fitted wardrobes is the biggest benefit of these wardrobes. Plus, the new innovative designs of these wardrobes can add a sophisticated approach to your room. Moreover, since these wardrobes are mostly from floor to the ceiling, there is a lot of space for storage, without any sort of interference with the décor of the space.

Walk-in Wardrobes:

According to the trends, people look for the wardrobe type that can offer elegance as well as functionality to their rooms. Walk-in wardrobes are one of these amazingly elegant wardrobes, as they provide a massive storage area. However, in most cases, the size of the room does not matter, as the right wardrobe designing company would know exactly what to do within the limited space of your room. The walk-in wardrobe offers proper space for storing a multitude of items inside. You have the benefit of adding as many shelves and drawers as you like or need.

Fitted Loft Wardrobes:

The bespoke loft wardrobes are the kind of wardrobes that you choose according to the space you desire for storage purposes. You have the liberty to choose from a variety of designs, based on the space you have in your room and the storage space that you require. All of the wardrobe designs showed to you are considered for their practicality. Loft space can be difficult to deal with but with the right wardrobe design, you can make use of that awkward extra space. The functions of the wardrobe are constructed depending on the need.

You can get extra drawers or shelves added to any of the made to measure wardrobe type you have chosen. With the help of skilled wardrobe designers, you can get the high-quality fitted wardrobe built for your room or loft space.