Modern made-to-measure hinged door wardrobe in Kensington
fitted bedroom wardrobe with hinged doors and lounge area

Walk-in wardrobes are generally spacious enough for you to store your clothing and accessories and you can actually walk into them. Once inside the walk-in closet, you can move around and arrange your clothing and accessories as you wish. These are wardrobes that have been specifically designated for the purpose of storing clothes and are generally used as dressing rooms. Such closets are usually located between the bedroom and bathroom, but could also be arranged as a separate room. Since they are custom designed, they take storage up to the next level and help in effectively organising your personal effects.

Taking Advantage of Your Loft

Discerning householders are taking advantage of the space in their attics to organise their belongings. By making the most of this space, they are converting it into a pragmatic room using made-to-measure fitted loft wardrobes. Many people think that loft conversions are complicated and not easy to achieve. With expert advice and smart solutions, your loft can actually be turned into very useful room ensuring that everything fits into the space without any complications. You can also have made to measure bookcases and TV units with drawers fitted ensuring that you have all the storage you require to organise yourself.

Organizing your Clothes as Well As Shoes and Accessories

When you have a walk-in wardrobe, you can also decide how your shoes are stored. You can opt for small cubbies or go with spacious shelves. What is important is that you ensure that your shoes are sorted and are easily accessible. You can also have a personalised storage system that can store all your accessories, including bags, belts, ties, rings, watches etc. Choosing custom made wardrobes helps you remain organised because you get to choose how your storage is designed. You also choose the colours and the material, design and type of doors or you can have just have open plan.