Choosing a most suitable fitted wardrobe for a home isn’t an easiest task, especially when people have not enough knowledge in how to do it. Therefore, we have these posts about how to choose the most suitable fitted wardrobe and to bring some exclusivity to your home. Today’s post is about materials that we provide. There is different types of fitted wardrobes, some of them are with hinged doors; some of them are sliding doors; some of them are walk-in. However, all of them will look greater with the “correct” type of material. XYLOCLEAF melamine faced chipboard, EGGER melamine faced chipboardDeep Structure Panels, Glass, Decorative Veneer Panels, Leather and Acrylic Surfaces and other type of materials. These types of materials are provided by us to enhance your bespoke fitted wardrobe. More information about each of the material could be found in our latest news section. Moreover, each of the material will be more suitable for different fitted wardrobes and interior designs. So before choosing a material type it’s better to choose a type of the wardrobe and then look at the interior design. However, our designers are always happy to provide with support and great advice on what will be the most suitable to the particular room and interior design!
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