Audrey High Gloss Kitchen

Features and Finishes:

Storage and features options

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  • Cleverly concealed worktop or cabinet LED kitchen lighting
  • Drawer systems with lifetime warranty made in Germany
  • BLUMOTION soft-touch close
  • Optional electrical drive for automatical open and close with a light touch or light handle pull
  • Almost all kitchen units are covered with a lifetime or minimum 10 years warranty as applicable

Available colours

  • Spray Painted MDF in High Gloss Finish
  • 8 Main Colours. All colours are available
  • Premium laminated MFC interior
  • J Pull Handleless Kitchen Doors

The Audrey High Gloss Kitchen appears to be a sleek and contemporary kitchen design featuring ‘J’ pull handleless doors. This design choice creates a smooth and iconic space, contributing to a minimalist style. The kitchen range is described as modern yet timeless, making it suitable for various settings.

Key features of the Audrey High Gloss Kitchen:

  1. Handleless Design: The ‘J’ pull handleless doors contribute to a clean and seamless appearance, enhancing the minimalist aesthetic.
  2. High Gloss Finish: The use of a high gloss finish adds a modern touch to the kitchen, providing a reflective and polished surface. This finish is not only visually appealing but also tends to be easy to clean.
  3. Versatile Color Options: The range comes in various colors, providing flexibility to match different design preferences and room aesthetics.
  4. Made-to-Measure Units: The units are made-to-measure, allowing for customization to fit specific spaces. This adaptability makes the Audrey range suitable for various settings, from compact studio kitchens to larger family dining areas.
  5. Timeless Appeal: The description suggests that the design is not only modern but also possesses a timeless quality. This is ideal for those looking for a kitchen that will remain stylish and relevant over the years.
  6. Adaptability for Different Spaces: The mention of the kitchen’s adaptability to be used as anything from a kitchenette in a studio room to a part of a family dining room indicates a versatile design that can suit different lifestyle needs.

When considering the Audrey High Gloss Kitchen for your space, you may want to explore the available color options, consider the layout of your kitchen, and assess how well the minimalist and handleless design aligns with your personal taste and the overall style of your home. Additionally, inquire about any additional features, such as storage solutions and countertop options, to ensure that the kitchen meets your functional requirements.

Curved doors available

Can be painted in any colour

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Our minimum order is £2,500+VAT subject to spec, sizes and how easy the access to the property and space is. Leaving the enquiry for the design visit does not guarantee the visit will be arranged. We currently serve the mayority of Central, North and West London postcodes and some Home Counties, please feel free to contact us for more information.

In the best insterests of our team and customers we aim to offer online quotes before arranging the visits when possible during these unprecendent times. To get an estimate please provide the measurements of the space including the ceiling height, the photo of the space and the style you are after. The quote might also be provided without the design drawings when possible. We reserve the right not to offer quotes or fit the projects that would not be durable, practical or fit for purpose in our opinion.

    • Made in London

    • 10 Years warranty

    • Wide-ranging choice of colours and styles

    • Bespoke sizes furniture for no extra cost

    • Thousands of happy customers and projects

    • Bespoke Ranges for every customer, good value

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