Modern mirrored sliding door fitted wardrobe
Custom made fitted wardrobe with sliding door made with mirror by

Are you looking to buy a made-to-measure sliding door wardrobe?

Smart move!

At I-Wardrobes, we know all about fitted wardrobes – no matter if you are after a sliding closet or hinged one. Here will  tell you exactly what to expect when investing in a fitted wardrobe whether it is a sliding door closet or hinged fitted storage unit.

First, let’s discuss why you might want to invest in a made to measure sliding door wardrobe.

To begin with, these wardrobes are customised for your room as they are being made to the specific size to fit the most awkward spaces and high or low ceilings. It allows you to find a way around difficult spaces such as chimney breasts and eaves, which is really helpful and allows you to maximize the storage space.

Since these come with sliding doors, they are much easier to open and shut and sliderobes can be used in rooms where there is not enough space for hinged doors, which require additional space to open. Choosing a bespoke storage unit also gives you an opportunity to add any of the features you wish – extra shelves, safes, accessory drawers, tie racks, hanging rails, mirrors, LED lights and more.

So let’s say you have an attic room with a sloping ceiling. Or maybe you have a bedroom with a very odd shape, with alcoves and what not. You wouldn’t want that area to be wasted. How to make the most of it?

Well, have a made to measure fitted wardrobe to fill up the space. No matter if you are maximizing the storage space in a children’s bedroom, guest rooms or master bedrooms.

How much does a fitted wardrobe, or a made-to-measure sliding door wardrobe cost?

Well, that’s hard to say. The answer to this will depend on how large or small your available space is. The bigger the wardrobe, the higher its cost.

Another thing that affects the price is the materials used, features of the unit like drawers, shelves, lights etc, as the amount of materials required will affect the price.

Of course, there are a lot of questions every customer has. We are here for you to answer and help you with ideas and discuss the materials available. Feel free to contact us via email or call 020 3561 0820 to talk to one of our designers. We cherish each and every client and understand, that choosing a bespoke wardrobe might be difficult and we are always ready to offer our customers a free designers visit and CGI with a draft design after the requirements are discussed and the measurements taken. At I-Wardrobes, we specialise in all types of fitted wardrobes, including bespoke sliding door wardrobes, made-to-order hinged storage spaces and walk-in wardrobes.