Fitted push-to-open hinged door wardrobe London
Made-to-measure push-to-open wardrobe London

As life becomes modern and more advanced every year, it also brings much more competition in the world and hence things which can meet our daily and everyday needs have become much more expensive.

Wardrobes are a part of everyone’s life and we all need one even if it is for our one year old toddler whose clothing needs to be stored and this will require a storage space.

Our wardrobes are made to order and are designed according to the shape and size of your room. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are so versatile that they can be designed for any type of room and provides maximum storage. It is fitted in your walls and extends from floor to ceiling

Modern hinged door wardrobes

These are custom made wardrobes of a specific size and you have to choose them according to the size and suitability of the room. These wardrobes were first designed in Italy and are very smart in terms of storage and give a pretty modern look to your room.

Sliding door wardrobes

These wardrobes are designed for compact rooms where the area available is very small. The rooms are designed according to these wardrobes and are fitted inside in the walls, though portable forms of these wardrobes have also been introduced in the market.