Luxurious fitted wardrobe with LED lights, fitted shoe storage

Are you thinking about getting a walk-in wardrobes to add a sleek feel to your bedroom ? If you do, then, let me reveal some features of bespoke walk-in wardrobes that you might be interested in.

A custom walk-in closet can be a whole room which is upgraded for your storage needs and preferences. Here are some ideas, that you might wish to consider:

  • Windows are not a must in walk-in wardrobes. Even you have a corner or a room that does not have any sunlight with careful planning it can be transformed to a bright and light storage space and qualitative modern light system will make the room full of light.
  • Some seating space is an element that often is very useful in the walk-in wardrobe. It can be a chair, a tufted ottoman, a sofa, it can not only be a design feature but will also be used often to sit when you put your shoes on, or tights, trousers etc.
  • The walk-in dressing room does not have to be huge. Even if you do not have a spare room to transform it into a luxurious spacious walk-in closet, unused corner, utility rooms or loft can be redesigned into a bespoke fitted wardrobe.

One of the most popular features of a bespoke wardrobe apart from the hanging space if a fitted shoe storage. It can be shoe drawers or shelves with or without doors.

Custom walk-in closets can be created as a made-to-measure traditional wardrobe with spray-painted doors and shelving or shaker-style elements. Those also can be modern with eco-leather and metal features, fitted LED lights with movement sensors, push-to-open drawers and contemporary handles.

A well designed and organised bespoke walk-in wardrobe can become one of your favourite rooms and add a luxurious feel to your home.