Bespoke walk in wardrobe London

Custom made fitted walk in wardrobe with fitted shoe storage

It’s time to say goodbye to the basic closet and realize your idea of an immaculate bespoke walk-in wardrobe. If you like well fitted shoe storage with a perfect sense of indoor cleanliness, you need a walk-in closet that meets your sense of perfection. Before you move to your new home or even as you think of making your New Year resolution of a comfortable home a reality, this is the perfect time to get your dream wardrobe.

As you move to realize your dream of a bespoke walk-in wardrobe with fitted accessory storage that meets your expectations in terms of comfort and aesthetics, here are some tips to sharpen your design idea for a perfect closet.

Make use of space

Installing a fitted accessory storage makes your home superbly attractive, and you might feel the touch of excellence with the outcome. To have the best bespoke wardrobe, make sure to choose the right space for it.

Make hanging a priority or your wardrobe

Hanging your clothes around the bedroom doesn’t look good, but when designing a wardrobe, try to provide the right space to hang clothes in a suitable place where you can just walk-in, hang or pick your dress. When creating your design, keep in mind a space for long and short garments; as in your jacket, and long attires will have their space in the wardrobe and space should also be set aside for short clothes.

Don’t forget the top drawers for the closet

Drawers are perfect for folding smaller items and to keep other valuables. You may need some drawers to have locks while other may be kept without those depending on the items.

Make good use of top areas

The beauty of a made-to-measure fitted wardrobe is that the upper and lower spaces can be made to use these spaces wisely. You don’t want the top section to look awkward, and the floor to be an eyesore; your goal should be space management and aesthetics.

Don’t forget the lighting

While designing your walk-in wardrobe, it is vital to consider the light that will make your wardrobe enjoyable. Lighting is worth the time and money spent to illuminate the surrounding area so you can see well inside the enclosure.

The finish is also important

A sleek walk-in wardrobe interior is the joy of the owner. Take some time to choose the colour and structure, we also recommend to do it in the room where the wardrobe will be fitted as in different rooms the same material might look different because of the sunlight, wall colour etc.

While choosing your wardrobe might seem to be a complicated thing, our experienced designer team is here to help you to make the process as stress free as possible. Feel free to call 020 3561 0820 or email us for a free wardrobe designer visit to make the dream of a bespoke wardrobe to come true.